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How do I know I have the right shoes for my feet?

Don't focus on the number, focus on the fit.The right shoes for your feet are those that provide proper support and comfort. Don’t depend fully on a shoe size number to tell you everything. Your feet can change size over time, and a size 9 in one shoe brand might not match the same number in another. Feel is really your best indicator of a proper fit.

Certain places to pay special attention to when fitting your shoe include the heel, toes, and arch. The heel should rest nicely against the back of the shoe without slipping. The toe box of the shoe should also be somewhat roomy, and have about a half-inch between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Finally, the arch should be supportive, but not rise up so high that it places pressure against the foot. Above all, don’t “break in” a pair of shoes. If they don’t feel right from the get-go, they are not for you.

For more help determining the right pairs of shoes for your feet and any special conditions you might have, contact us at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle. You can schedule an appointment with our Medford office by calling (541) 776-3338.