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Southern Oregon Podiatrists Answer Your Top Questions About Foot and Ankle Pain

Stop questioning your foot and ankle pain. Start getting answers! Read our FAQ articles for tips from our Southern Oregon podiatrists to help you feel better and get healthy.

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  • Is athlete’s foot contagious?

    Yes, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot is contagious—but there’s no guarantee that someone who touches infected feet will develop the problem. Not everyone exposed to it ends ups with athlete’s foot. If the conditions are right, however, it can easily pass from one person to another. Socks, shoes, sheets, towels, and even floors in warm, damp places can be contaminated and could possibly pass on the fungus. Direct skin contact can also transmit it. The best way to prevent an infection is to avoid direct contact with high-risk surfaces and locations.

    Once you’ve developed the condition it can be hard to eliminate it, so don’t wait and hope it just goes away. You’ll need to be proactive to treat the source and prevent its spread. If you are concerned you may have this infection, contact the experts at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. for an appointment or more information and take care of your feet today. Call (541) 776-3338 or visit the website contact page to reach us. 

  • How can I prevent athlete’s foot?

    Athlete’s foot is a common problem caused by a microscopic fungus that lives in the environment around us, growing just about anywhere that is warm and moist. You can’t avoid encountering it entirely, but you can make it unlikely to contract an infection from the fungi. Dry your feet completely after washing them, especially in between your toes. Wear socks designed to wick sweat away from your feet, especially ones made from natural materials like cotton or wool. Change your socks every day, too—several times a day if you are active or your feet sweat very much. Wear shoes that don’t squeeze your toes and are well-ventilated so your feet are able to breathe. Also, wear sandals or shower shoes in public places that are high-risk for fungus, like pools, community showers, and locker rooms.

    If you are prone to fungal infections, Dr. Evan Merrill may recommend you treat your feet and shoes with anti-fungal sprays or powders regularly to help discourage the microorganisms’ growth. If you think you may have already developed athlete’s foot or are otherwise concerned about changes in the skin on your feet, don’t wait and let the problem get out of control. Contact Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. for an appointment or more information by calling our Medford office at (541) 776-3338.

  • How do I know if I have athlete’s foot?

    Athlete’s foot is categorized as a fungal infection. Fungus that affects the skin can cause painful and annoying symptoms, including cracking and peeling of the skin. As you can imagine, this causes the skin to be red and irritated.

    In order to determine if you have athlete’s foot, check the skin on your feet for the common symptoms. This skin infection is often found between the toes. Along with cracked skin, blisters may form. One tell-tale sign of athlete’s foot is itching and burning on the feet. These symptoms cause discomfort, especially when wearing shoes all day.

    If this infection is not taken care of in a timely manner, it can spread to the toenails and other areas of skin. Rashes and extreme pain should always be checked by a podiatrist. Dr. Evan Merrill can help to diagnose the source of your pain and help to relieve it! Call Southern Oregon Foot Care LLC today, or schedule an appointment at our Medford, OR office by clicking here.