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How does my weight affect my feet?

You don’t have to be obese to have your weight affect your foot health. Even being 25 pounds overweight can increase the strain on the feet. As a person begins to take on more and more weight their posture begins to adapt to the changes. The knees tend to come closer together, shifting weight to the insides of the feet. This posture and excessive weight can increase the likelihood of acquiring plantar fasciitis or collapsed arches. Other common foot related conditions related to weight gain include gout, diabetes, and peripheral arteriole disease.

One of the most difficult aspects of weight related foot conditions is that the exercise needed for weight loss can often cause increased stress and pain to the feet. To circumvent this, you can participate in low impact activities like water aerobics to lose weight. To alleviate pain, make sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear that support the feet. If you have any questions on foot care, call our Medford, OR office at (806) 356-8003, or schedule an appointment online.