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How does diabetes cause nerve damage?

Diabetic neuropathy can occur as the result of an accumulation of diabetic effects. Excessive levels of blood sugar, or glucose, increase the rate of damage to the tender nerve fibers. As blood glucose levels rise, the nerves often lose the ability to transmit signals back to the brain. High blood sugar also diminishes the strength of the capillary walls which reduces the ability of the body to supply oxygen and nutrients to heal the damaged areas.

Without the ability to heal, the nerves are unable to transmit sensory information to the brain. This can become especially dangerous as many patients with diabetic neuropathy develop wounds that go unchecked due to loss of feeling.

You are an invaluable part of your diabetic care team, but you’re not alone. Dr. Evan Merrill and his expert staff will monitor your foot health and help you keep your feet in great shape. Call our office at 541-776-3338, orschedule an appointment online.