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How do I strengthen my feet?

Maintaining foot health means more than just keeping your feet clean. Exercising the feet can help strengthen the structure of the foot and aid in the prevention and correction of foot conditions. A strong foot will provide more stability and decrease the likelihood of injury.

Walking is the best form of exercise for strengthening the feet as it utilizes all of the parts in the feet evenly, and provides cardiovascular benefit. To strengthen your feet there are a few specific exercises you can do. Walking barefoot in sand will force the constant redistribution of weight across the foot and is a quick way to build muscle tone. Many exercises will focus on the muscles in the toes. Spreading the toes as wide as possible and holding them there can help to strengthen the feet. Walking on your toes for a few minutes a day can go a long way towards increasing foot and ankle stability. These regimens can be done while standing or sitting at your desk.

Repeated impact to the feet can cause problems. The best way to avoid damage while improving muscle strength is through short daily exercises. With such minor changes to your daily routine, you will soon see great results in foot health. For information on the specific actions and exercises that help your unique feet, contact our office at 541-776-3338, or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Evan Merrill.