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How do I avoid ankle sprains?

There are certain things that you can do to decrease the likelihood of spraining your ankle. You should always warm up before exercise or rigorous activity. This allows for the muscles to be stretched. Take special care to avoid uneven surfaces. Improper footwear, such as high-heeled shoes, also increase the risk of an ankle sprain. Just like terrain that is not smooth, wearing heels impacts balance and makes missteps more likely. Training that focuses on stability and balance is helpful in the prevention of these injuries. Participating in nearly any sport increases the risk of sprains.

Prior sprains and ankle injuries are risk factors of future injury. Think of a rubber band; once you have stretched one out over a long period of time, it loses tension and can never be as tight as it once was. Ligaments are similar in this aspect. Does ankle pain have you missing out on your favorite activities? Call the office of Dr. Evan Merrill to make an appointment today! Call or schedule on-line.