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How can I prevent warts on my feet?

The easiest way to prevent warts on your feet is by protecting the skin from the HPV virus. Walking barefoot is the easiest way to contract warts. Always wear shoes in public areas where the virus can live. Flip flops or shower shoes should be worn in public locker rooms and swimming pools.

Be mindful not to come into physical contact with areas that are infected. In fact, people react differently to the virus. Someone may have picked up the HPV strains that cause warts, and not exhibit any symptoms. Protect your feet by not sharing shoes or socks with anyone without washing them first. Shoes can harbor viruses and bacteria for extended periods of time, so it is important to wash your socks and shoes regularly. Also, give your shoes time to air out! Avoid wearing the same pair every-day.

Check your feet often to keep track of changes in the color and appearance of the skin. Make an appointment with Dr. Merrill if you notice any changes. Catching warts early will save you pain and time later!