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How can I prevent diabetic foot complications?

The best way to prevent complications from diabetes is by managing the disease. It is important to keep control of your nutrition and to exercise regularly in order to keep glucose levels within a healthy range and prevent neuropathy. Due to nerve damage, it is important to check your feet daily. Look for cuts, scratches, or any unusual discoloration. Finding problems early will help to prevent infection. Carefully wash and keep your feet clean daily as well, in order to prevent the risk of fungal or bacterial infections.

Wear shoes that fit and are comfortable. Proper shoes will protect your feet from unnecessary cuts and scratches and help to support them. It is essential to provide the attention necessary for any type of wound on your feet before they risk becoming infected.

Keep your feet moving and keep your blood flowing. When sitting for long periods of time, take breaks to stand up and walk around. When relaxing, keep your feet up and wriggle your toes.

The most important thing you can do for your foot health when you have diabetes is to make regular appointments with a podiatrist! Check-ups will help to catch early warning signs for diseases like Charcot foot, and a foot specialist like Dr. Evan Merrill can provide helpful tips and advice for better care.