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Do I have to have surgery to fix my bunion?

No. Surgery is not always necessary for bunion correction. It is important to find out the underlying cause of a bunion in order to decide which treatment will work best to relieve pain.

If tight shoes and narrow toe boxes are the root cause of your bunion, choosing proper footwear with more room for the toes is highly recommended. If you have a bunion, consider replacing high heels with shoes that have better support and don’t put as much pressure on the ball of the foot. Custom orthotics can be prescribed by a foot specialist in order to support weak foot structures and reduce the likelihood that a bunion will become severe.

Stretching the feet is a great way to help relieve the tightness of joints and the pressure of a bunion. Small, easy exercises will strengthen the tissues in the feet and reduce tension.

In severe cases, however, surgery may be the only option to reduce pain and correct the deformity. This type of procedure is called a bunionectomy, and is performed to remove the growth on the side of the toe and realign the bone to its natural position.