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Southern Oregon Podiatrists Answer Your Top Questions About Foot and Ankle Pain

Stop questioning your foot and ankle pain. Start getting answers! Read our FAQ articles for tips from our Southern Oregon podiatrists to help you feel better and get healthy.

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  • Why is my foot tingling?

    It is impossible to identify why your foot is tingling without seeing you here in our Medford, OR office for a proper diagnosis, but there are several potential causes of tingling in a foot, including:

    • Neuropathy. This is simply the technical term for nerve damage. Other signs of neuropathy include burning sensations, pain, and sometimes numbness.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis. In this form of arthritis, the body’s natural defense mechanisms attack the lining found in joints. Tingling is one of the possible symptoms.
    • Fractures. A fractured bone may cause the sensation, but other symptoms include pain, swelling, and tenderness.
    • Bug bites. Along with wild animals, sometimes insect bites can cause tingling.
    • Neuromas. A neuroma is a condition wherein a nerve is being pinched or sustains chronic pressure. This often happens at the base of the third and fourth toes.

    These are some potential causes of tingling in your foot, but there are certainly others. Come see Dr. Evan Merrill and our staff here at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle for a professional diagnosis. In addition to establishing the root cause of the problem Dr. Merrill will also provide a treatment plan for you, so contact our Medford, OR office today by calling (541) 776-3338.