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Can I run with flat feet?

Yes, you can run with flat feet, though you are at higher risk for injuries than someone with a normal arch. Take precautions--low or fallen arches are not as strong as regular ones, and they allow your foot to over-pronate, or roll inward too far, when you run. This can lead to shin splits, ankle injuries, arch pain, and other problems if you’re not careful.

To avoid injuries, you should wear shoes that offer sufficient arch support with firm midsoles. If footwear is not enough, orthotics can provide that extra bracing you need. Stretches and exercises to build up the muscles that support the arch can help increase your natural stability. Run on flat ground, since uneven surfaces can exacerbate over-pronation.

If you’re concerned about your low arches, or are already experiencing pain, don’t wait until it hurts too much to run—contact Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. for an appointment or more information. Visit the online contact page, or call (541) 776-3338.