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Start 2014 off Right: Pain Free!

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Use orthotics to support flat feetIt’s the beginning of a new year and many of us are setting new goals, and looking for a fresh start. That can mean making our bodies healthier and trying to eliminate those aches and pains you have been suffering from all year, particularly lower back pain. You might be wondering what the lower back and the foot have in common. Although the feet seem far removed from the back, they go hand in hand when it comes to aches and pains. There have been many studies showing the link between lower back pain and foot problems.

One study found that women who have flat feet and use no supportive orthotics were fifty percent more likely to have back pain than those women with normal or high arches. In this study it was also found that this was much more common in women than men.

So, why are women more affected by flat feet and lower back pain than men? There are a few contributors that seem to answer this question. One of which is the way a woman's pelvic bones are shaped. They are wider and not as flexible as men’s which can affect the way a woman walks. Women usually rotate their hips more than men when walking and when you combine this with flat feet it takes a toll on the lower back.

If you are a woman (or a man) that suffers from lower back pain and have not been able to alleviate the pain, maybe it has more to do with your feet and how you are walking than just your back. A quick visit to a Podiatrist can help identify if you have flat feet and need support or if there are other foot related problems that are contributing to your back pain.

Don’t waste any more time in pain this year, call the office of Dr. Evan Merrill. At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, we understand your foot health needs. Make an appointment by calling 541-776-3338, or request an appointment online.

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