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Podiatry Facts and Myths

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Podiatrists cover a wide range of foot ailments, from trimming fungal toenails to complicated foot and ankle surgeries. There is a lot of misinformation about podiatrists, so, if you have ever had any questions about podiatry keep reading! 

False: Podiatrists mostly treat calluses and trim toenails: Although this is in a podiatrists scope of practice, there is a whole lot more that a podiatrist does on a regular basis. They treat everything from bunions, and hammertoes to foot and ankle fractures. Podiatrists work with a lot of people suffering from diabetes, chronic wounds care and dermatological problems. They also work with bone infections, and general foot and ankle pain. 

True: Podiatrists can do surgery on the ankle: A Podiatrist’s scope of practice is not limited to just the foot. Most podiatrists are able to do ankle surgeries as well. 

False: Orthopedic surgeons are better trained: Orthopedic surgeons can do a lot of what podiatrist can do, but a podiatrist actually is much more specialized in the foot and ankle since that is their only focus. They are also trained in numerous conservative treatments before surgery is even recommended. So, next time you are looking for someone to do your foot or ankle surgery go to your podiatrist who has had this specialized training devoted only to the foot and ankle.  

True: Podiatrists go to four years of podiatry school: Although podiatry school is separate from Medical school, they get the same training the first two years and then focus on the foot the last two years. 

Fasle: Once you have nail fungus it never goes away: Although nail fungus is a pain, and can take a while to get rid of, it is possible with the right treatment, especially with our new laser therapy. 

If you are in need of a podiatrist, look no further than Dr. Evan Merrill. With over 20 years experience he knows what will work best for you, and is always up to date on new techniques, procedures and equipment. At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle LLC we want to help you achieve your best foot health. Make an appointment today by calling 541-776-3338 or by filling out our online form. 



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