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Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedies

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If you suffer from plantar fasciitis (heel pain) then you know how painful it can be. It is very common among runners and those that are on their feet all day. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis here are some ideas that you can do at home to help with the pain.


Stretching: Plantar fasciitis occurs when the fibrous band on the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed. Stretching this band can help to relieve some of the pain and keep it from becoming stiff. Try using a work out band. Sit on the ground with your feet straight in front of you. Wrap the band around the bottom of your feet and hold the ends with your hands. Gently pull on the band until you feel a stretch in the bottom of your feet. 


Rest: Don’t underestimate the power of a little rest each day. Rest is extremely important to helping with any foot ailment, especially plantar fasciitis. Take breaks during the day to elevate your feet which can help reduce swelling. If you are on your feet all day for a job, try and sit down frequently and don’t overdo it. 


Ice: Along with resting, ice can help reduce the inflammation. You can ice whenever the pain is flaring up. Put your feet on ice packs for about 20 minutes and you should feel some relief. 


Toe Separators: These are most often used for pedicures, but they can also help with stretching your foot muscles. Put these between your toes and leave them on for 15-20 minutes a day to increase flexibility and strength. 


If you still are feeling pain in your heel contact Dr. Evan Merrill today, who suffers from plantar fasciitis personally. He is well aware of the pain you are in and can help you find some relief. At Southern Oregon Foot and Ankle LLC we want to help you with all your foot care needs. Make an appointment today by calling 541-776-3338 or by filling out our online form

Just read your post and wanted to say thank you for sharing. I’ve had PF for quite a few months and tried everything else with no good results to the point of having to go to overnights at the nursing home I work at. Gives me hope seeing someone that said they aren’t dealing with it for their 8th or 9th year straight!
Posted by Patrick Greer on March 8, 2017 at 07:22 PM

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