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New Year, Healthy Feet

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It’s that time of year again where we start making new goals, plan to get healthier, and recharge different areas of our lives. Sometimes all those new years resolutions can be a little overwhelming and out of reach. If you are feeling that way, but still need something to work towards in 2016, start with your feet. Being healthy includes your feet, and if they aren’t healthy it makes it pretty difficult to exercise and keep the rest of your body healthy. So, here are some things to check for to make sure your feet are in top shape this year. 

Circulation: Look at your nails. If they are looking blue, white, red or purple they might not be getting adequate blood flow. To check the circulation, press down on the nail bed of your big toe. Let go and if you have good circulation the blood should return to your nail within 2-5 seconds. If it takes longer that that, you may be suffering from bad circulation for one reason or another and you should go see your podiatrist. 

Flexibility: To check your feet’s flexibility try picking up small objects with just your toes (a marble, sock, lego etc…). Good ankle flexibility can be tested by standing on the stairs and letting your heel drop below the stair. If you are able to do this without a lot of strain that is a sign that your ankles have good flexibility.

Skin: Check the skin on the top and bottom of your feet. Look for cuts, blisters, calluses, or other unusual bumps. Try soaking your feet at home and use a pumice stone on calluses. If they continue to hurt or bother you, your podiatrist can treat them for you. Also, wounds on your feet that aren’t healing can lead to serious complications and could be a sign of diabetes. 

General Pain: If you have pain in the bottom of your feet, it could be Plantar Fasciitis or other problems. Remember, if you suffer from reoccurring pain in your feet, it isn’t normal and you should see your podiatrist to get it taken care of.

Sensation: Test the feeling on your feet by gently touching the ball of your foot, your heel, arch, tips of each toe, and on top of your foot with a pencil eraser, or other similar item. If you are able to feel all of those, your feet are doing great in the sensation area! 

If you passed these tests, good job! Your feet are healthy and ready for the new year! Remember to continually check the health of your feet. Problems in your feet can often times be signs of a more serious health condition. At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, LLC we want to help you have healthy feet. Dr. Evan Merrill has 20 plus years experience in the foot and ankle, so if you need to make an appointment call us today at 541-776-3338 or fill out our online form. 

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