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Laser Treatment for Ugly Toenails

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Are one or more of your toenails discolored and/or brittle? You may be suffering from toenail fungus. It is a common problem, but if not treated can become very painful and can destroy your nails. There are a few different treatment options such as oral medication and topical creams. The topical anti fungal creams work pretty well if they are combined with oral medication but even then, the fungus can be very difficult to get rid of taking several months or more. But, there is another treatment option called laser toenail fungus removal which is showing to be very effective.

Laser toenail fungus removal is a very simple procedure requiring no anesthesia. The laser is used to safely destroy the fungus on the toenails and doesn’t harm any surrounding healthy tissue. The whole procedure is done is about an hour, and there are no other medications or topical creams that need to be used in addition to the treatment. Laser toenail fungus removal is FDA cleared and has had years of successful clinical research. Most patients see improvement after just the first treatment.

So, are you ready to get rid of those pesky yellow, painful, and brittle nails for good? Well, here is the best news of all…Dr. Evan Merrill now offers this treatment right in his office! He is ready to help you improve the look and health of your nails. Make an appointment today at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle LLC by calling 541-776-3338 or make an appointment online.

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