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Hydration, Hydration!

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With summer around the corner the risk for dehydration dramatically increases. The hot temperatures drain our bodies of fluids quicker than in the colder months, making it even more important to keep our bodies hydrated.

Here are four of some surprising causes of dehydration:

1. Low-Carb Diets: Carbohydrates are stored in the same area of the body as fluids. When you go on a low/no carb diet you tend to lose a few pounds of water weight. That may sound great, but it is not good for your body’s hydration levels. Make sure to up your fluid intake if you are laying off on the carbs, or instead of eliminating carbs all together try eating good carbs, such as whole wheat pasta and breads, brown rice, and oatmeal.

2. Stress: When you are stressed your adrenal glands pump out stress hormones. If you are constantly stressed your adrenals get tired and worn out. When this happens, and the adrenals aren’t working properly they aren’t able to produce the hormone aldosterone at the rate they should be. Aldosterone helps regulate your body’s fluid and electrolyte levels, and if there isn’t enough aldosterone dehydration can set in. Make sure to take time each day to relax and find ways to manage your stress.

3. Aging: As we age our body’s ability to store fluids declines, as well as the sensation of thirst. So, we should be drinking more water as we get older even if we don’t feel thirsty. Make sure to always have a water bottle with you wherever you go.

4. High Altitudes: When you travel to higher altitudes your body acclimates by speeding up breathing and increasing urine output. Higher levels of breathing and having to go to the bathroom more means you are losing more water than normal. Make sure to increase your fluid intake if you are traveling somewhere with higher altitudes than your body is used to.

Make sure you are drinking enough water this summer season. It can be very dangerous and effects your whole body, even your feet. One sign of dehydration is foot cramps. So, if your foot starts to cramp, listen to your feet and go drink some water! Also, make sure to visit the office of Dr. Evan Merrill. Not only does he specialize in foot care, he stays up to date on ways to keep your body healthy. Make an appointment at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle today by calling 541-776-3338 or request an appointment online

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