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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Foot Edition

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Still searching for the perfect gifts/stocking stuffers for your family and friends? Here is list of a few great gift ideas for your family members with diabetes, or those who just love to pamper their feet. The great news…Dr. Merrill carries all of these products right in his office!

Amlactin Moisturizing Cream- This stuff is great for really dry, rough feet. Put some on at night before going to bed.

Dr. Remedy Nail Polish- This nail polish not only comes in a variety of beautiful colors, but it is also formaldehyde free, and contains all natural ingredients that don’t harm and discolor the nail.

Diabetic Socks- These are a great stocking stuffer for those with diabetes. Diabetic socks have moisture wicking capabilities, are non restrictive and have a lot of stretch in the area that covers the calf and ankle.

Crocs- These are great podiatric shoes since they have antimicrobial properties and anti fungal properties. They dry quickly, are lightweight but still provide structure. They also have a large toe box so that your feet are able to move around freely and not rub on the shoe.

Pumice Stone- These would be a great gift paired with our Amlactin moisturizing cream! No one is every unhappy with a remedy for dry, tired feet.

Hopefully this list can help you find those last minute gifts you’ve been looking for. At Southern Oregon Foot and Ankle LLC we have a wide selection of foot products to help keep your feet happy and healthy. Stop by our office today to pick up your Christmas gifts! If you need to make an appointment you can always go online or give us a call as 541-776-3338.

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