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Healthy After School Snacks

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It’s here! The school year has officially started for many kids across the country and moms and dads are busy trying to get adjusted to the new routine. No more sleeping in and swimming all day. It’s time for early mornings and long days which means those kids of yours are in need of something healthy to eat when they walk in the door at the end of the day. It can feel overwhelming trying to make sure your kids have healthy snacks to eat, but if they are eating right they will study better and have more energy.

Here are a few great options that will keep your kids healthy and happy this school year.

  1. Mini tortilla pizzas: These are super easy and simple and what kids doesn’t love pizza! Use small corn or flour tortillas, and try to find whole wheat or whole grain if possible. Put a little salsa and mozzarella cheese on top. Place them under the broiler or in a toaster oven until cheese is melted. You can add other toppings if you like: black beans, corn, lettuce or whatever other fresh toppings your child likes.
  2. Pretzel Dippers: You will need pretzel sticks, peanut butter, and your kids favorite dried fruits and nuts. Dip the pretzels in peanut butter and roll in dried cranberries, raisins, chopped almonds etc… These are a great snack to keep your kids full and happy. To make this yummy snack as healthy as can be, be sure to buy nuts that have no added sugars or salt, and use an all natural peanut butter with no hydrogenated oils.
  3. Granola Bars: These are also a fast and easy snack for kids, but they can also be deceiving. There are so many varieties, many of which are equal in content to a candy bar, providing no nutrients at all. Make sure to read the label on the box and go for granola bars with all natural ingredients. Steer clear of ones that are high in sugar. And look at the ingredient list and get the bars that have “whole rolled oats”, and whole grains listed as the first ingredient.
  4. Fresh Veggies: Carrot sticks and sugar snap peas are a couple of easy options. They are easy to find pre-packaged and pre-washed, so all you have to do is open a bag and put them on a plate for your child. Add your child’s favorite dip and you’ve got a great healthy snack!
  5. Fresh Fruit With Yogurt: Bananas, apples, grapes, and strawberries are all quick and delicious options when paired with vanilla yogurt. To add extra protein and less sugar go for greek yogurt.


These are just a few options of healthy snacks for your child. Sit down and talk with your kids about their favorite foods so that you can have a good idea as you are planning their after school snacks. Dr. Evan Merrill is a big supporter of eating healthy and knows what a big impact is has on your health. Make sure to visit our office at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle LLC if you have any foot health concerns. If you need an appointment just call at 541-776-3338 or make an appointment online

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